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5.1.5 What’s the Risk? Quiz Answer

5.1.5 What's the Risk Quiz Answer

Cyber Threat Management

Risk Management and Security Controls

in this article i am gone to share Cyber Threat Management | Risk Management and Security Controls | 5.1.5 What’s the Risk? Quiz Answer with you..

5.1.5 What’s the Risk?
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Guru needs your support with carrying out a risk assessment at @Apollo HQ.

A few of the employees ask about why this is being done — they don’t understand what this has to do with them and their work. Can you highlight why risk management is so important by selecting the correct answers from this list?

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  • Risk management reduces threat of damage to an acceptable level and implements controls to maintain that level of risk.
  • Risk can be internal, external or both, and its impact can ripple through the whole organization, also affecting other external entities.
  • Risk management leads to negligence, meaning that no actions or controls are taken to lower risk.
  • Risk management is the damage incurred by an event which causes loss of an asset or disruption of service.