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Activity: Revise your project charter Quiz Answer

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Activity: Revise your project charter Quiz Answer

Activity Overview

In this activity, you will update your project charter draft for Sauce & Spoon’s tabletop menu tablets project based on new information. You will also identify misalignments among stakeholders on certain aspects of the project.


Review the scenario below. Then complete the step-by-step instructions.

After drafting the project charter, Peta emails and meets with a few project stakeholders to clarify some of the project details. In addition to providing more information, these discussions reveal some misalignments between two of the project’s stakeholders.

Misalignment occurs when stakeholders are not in agreement about the details of the project. It can happen between the project manager and any stakeholder at any stage of the project, and is a common cause of project failure. 

Step-By-Step Instructions

Step 1: Access your draft

Begin by opening the project charter draft you created in the last activity, Draft a Project Charter. 

As you complete these instructions, you will update the following sections of your project charter:

  • Project summary
  • Goals
  • Deliverables

You will add new content to the following section of your project charter:



Step 2: Access the supporting materials

The following supporting materials will help you complete this activity. Keep them open as you proceed to the next steps. Each link will open a new Coursera tab.

  • Email Exchange: Project Goals
  • Email Exchange: Sales Goal Details
  • Meeting: Decrease Guest Wait Time

Note: To access supporting materials introduced in earlier activities, you can find them in the Resources section.

Step 3: Review the supporting materials

Review the two email exchanges and the video chat transcript. Take notes on information that will help you update the following sections of your project charter:

  • Project summary
  • Goals
  • Deliverables
  • Appendix

You are encouraged to also make note of any other relevant project information. You may add this information to your notes or the project charter.

Step 4: Update the project goals

The project charter is a living document and it is your job as the project manager to keep the document up-to-date with the most important information for key stakeholders.

Review the project goals you drafted in your project charter. Make changes to your project goals based on the new information provided in the supporting materials. Then identify any additional goals and add them to the charter. You should have a total of 6-10 goals.

Use these Guiding Questions when updating your project goals: 

  • What do the various team members want to see from the project? Seek keywords in conversations such as goals, desires, outcomes, expectations, hopes, metrics and wants. 
  • Which of the goals from your list are most important to the senior stakeholders who sponsored the project? Make note of these goals.
  • How will you know the project is done? Consider the ideal end result of the project and work backwards from there.

Step 5: Update project deliverables

Next, review the project deliverables. Update the list of deliverables based on the supporting materials and the updated project goals. If you have more than nine deliverables, refine your list to contain 5-9 you think are the most critical for reaching project goals.

Use the following Guiding Questions when making updates to your project deliverables:

  • What physical or digital items will the project produce?
  • Where in the conversation do the stakeholders discuss outcomes?
  • What are some keywords in the conversation that tell you about project deliverables? Consider words like output, outcomes, delivery, tasks, and responsibility.

Step 6: Identify and document misalignments

As a project manager, it’s important to record the feedback you receive and document any misalignments and their resolutions. This allows you and your project team to reference those decisions later on.

One way to document misalignments and resolutions is to create an appendix for new or updated information. An appendix is a section of additional content at the end of a document. 

After reviewing the supporting materials, add any misalignments to the appendix of the project charter. Then, add the decision that was made following the misalignment. If the misalignment was resolved, how so? Are there more discussions that need to occur regarding the misalignment? Is more information needed in order to reach an agreement? Including the decision will help your team stay on track if conflicts arise and aid in decision making. 

The supporting materials will contain at least one misalignment.

Use the following Guiding Questions when making updates to your charter’s appendix:

  • Who are the stakeholders? 
  • When do project stakeholders disagree on a particular topic?
  • Who is the “decision-maker”?
  • How is the misalignment clarified?
  • What is the final decision regarding the misalignment?

Step 7: Save your work 

Be sure to save the project charter you drafted for this activity. As you progress through the course, you will revise and refine project artifacts, including the project charter, to apply what you have learned. Many of these artifacts may be applicable to projects in your current line of work or helpful when applying for a new project manager role. 

What to Include in Your Response

Be sure to include the following elements in your updated project charter:

  • You’ve added to and updated the goals in the project charter based on new information gathered in the supporting materials, and have a total of 6-10 goals. 
  • You’ve added to and updated the deliverables in the project charter based on new information gathered in the supporting materials, and have a total of 5-9 deliverables. 
  • You’ve noted misalignments in the appendix of the project charter, and have 1-2 misalignments.
  • You’ve noted the decisions made to address at least one misalignment in the appendix of the project charter. 

Question 1)
Did you complete this activity?
  • Yes
  • No
Question 2)
Which of the following decisions are the subject of stakeholder misalignment within the Sauce & Spoon tablet project?
  • Upgrade the WiFi systems to ensure the tablets run smoothly
  • Measure project goals through the end of June
  • Reallocate payroll to hire more kitchen staff
  • Remove decreasing guest wait time as a separate goal
Question 3)
How does a project charter act as an alignment tool? Select all that apply.</b >
  • Facilitates disagreements among team members about project goals and deliverables
  • Lays out project details to ensure the team is working toward the outcomes all stakeholders expect
  • Ensures consistency because it does not change throughout the project
  • Addresses misalignments and documents when and how stakeholders resolve them
Question 4)
How do Peta and her team resolve the issue of reallocating payroll to the kitchen staff?
  • They agree to hire more bussers and runners to ensure the success of the tablet project.
  • They discuss several ideas, but do not resolve the issue.</span >
  • They decide to hire part-time line cooks.
  • They agree that the added revenue from the tablets will allow Sauce & Spoon to hire more kitchen staff.