Node js

How to Create node js app

Hey Everyone today in this article i am gone tell you How to How to Create node js project follow my steps..


We are Covering hole Crud operation in node js..

1) How to create node js project

2) How to Insert Html form data into Mysql using node js

3) How to Read Mysql data in node js

4) How to Delete data into Mysql using node js

5) How to Update Html form data into Mysql using node js

Recommended software

  1. Node
  2. XAMP for MySql
  3. VS Code
  4. Chrome browser


Step 1) install Node


2) Open vs code Create new folder name demo and than inside folder 

create new file app.js



3) open VS Code terminal and install One by one all the packeges

  • npm i express
  • npm i nodemon
  • npm i mysql
  • npm i ejs


And then Put this code in Your app.js


var express = require('express');
var app = express();


.get('/', function(req, res){
   res.send("Hello world!");




4) Now In VS code terminal run this command :

 nodemon app


5) Open this link in your browser..